Atlantic Equipment Project Product Ambassadors

Recently a good friend, and long time surf buddy of ours Ashleigh Smith started up her own business called The Atlantic Equipment Project. With six years of Industrial design knowledge from the Technical University of Delft and also the University of Limerick under her belt it was easy to see the start up would be […]

Researching our routes with Redbull

Sligo Kayak Tours - Redbull Research

Sligo Kayak Tours will feature on an up and coming Redbull web series! In early January I was contacted by Friday Media to film a piece on surfing big waves at Mullaghmore, it portrays a behind the scenes look at what it takes to surf this magical wave, and the characters who make it their […]

So…I’ll start at the beginning

Sligo Kayak

The idea of running my own kayak touring business has consumed me for a long time. The County Sligo region of Ireland is amazing for kayaking adventures, whether just for a couple of hours or for multi day expeditions. If you look at it on a map you’ll see what I mean. Countless lakes and river systems dotted and meandering through virgin forests and lonely farmlands that are just begging to be explored. The humble kayak is the perfect vehicle to access this watery playground.