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Sligo Kayak Tours will feature on an up and coming Redbull web series!

In early January I was contacted by Friday Media to film a piece on surfing big waves at Mullaghmore, it portrays a behind the scenes look at what it takes to surf this magical wave, and the characters who make it their business to get out there every winter.


It was a really cool project to work on, and we shot everything in two days. I took Adam, the cameraman, out for a paddle on our ‘Ballisodare Bay and the Seals’ route, and we got to see upwards of 30 seals splashing and watching from all around our kayaks. Its such a treat to have a resident group of seals that are always sunning themselves and basking on the sandbanks.

They were very inquisitive and seemed to enjoy the company. The beauty of approaching by kayak is that you can drift quietly past them, not disturbing them and getting to see them up close and in their natural habitat!

Before going for a paddle we climbed up Knocknarea mountain to get a good overview of the route, and we filmed some really nice scenes of the quaint countryside and sheep enjoying a morning munch.

Adam thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Sligo, and was blown away by how beautiful it is here.